Company History

The East End Asphalt Company Limited is a fully Bermudian-owned business that was incorporated in 1968 and acquired by Polaris Holding Company Ltd. in 2019. Its beginnings were humble, with the purchase of an asphalt mixing plant that required a great deal of repair prior to becoming a functioning unit.

There was an initial staff of three. With a concentration on customer service and the provision of a product of consistently high quality, the company has become a forerunner in Bermuda's paving industry. To facilitate this, and to support our belief that it's essential to protect Bermuda’s natural resources from unnecessary quarrying, we've been importing stone and sand from overseas for use in our mix since 1971.

We're now the major supplier of mixed asphalt on the island, as well as providing granite stone and sand to general contractors who require materials capable of meeting particular engineering specifications. The East End Asphalt Company was fortunate to gain much of its valuable paving experience through opportunities provided by the United States Navy when the U.S. Government was responsible for the upkeep of the runways and taxiways at the U.S. Naval Air Station.

It continues its efforts to lay pavements of high quality on driveways for private clients, on city streets and highways, Government projects and residential neighbourhoods. The business operates from a plant facility on Ducks Puddle Drive in Hamilton Parish. Learn about our parent company, Polaris Holding Company Limited click on